Dear Colleagues,

In December 2016, we announced the launch of the Global Gynecologic Oncology Fellowship Program a comprehensive two-year education and training program designed for regions around the world that do not currently have formal training in gynecologic oncology. As a global society, our mission is to enhance the care of women with gynecologic cancer worldwide through education and training and public awareness. The Global Gynecologic Oncology Fellowship Program will further this mission by training a new generation of gynecologic oncologists.

With extensive input from Linus Chuang, Joe Ng and Tom Randall, the objectives of the Program have been formalized and a comprehensive web-based curriculum developed. The curriculum is adaptable by each site to reflect the local needs and resources. The Program’s structure is as follows:

  • Trainees from countries without formal gynecologic oncology training (Global Gynecologic Oncology Fellows) are selected and paired with fully trained gynecologic oncologist(s) from a mentoring institution in a country with formal training (International Mentor(s)) as well as a Local Mentor from their home program.
  • The fellows complete case lists and have monthly virtual meetings with their International Mentor(s).
  • Monthly tumor boards are held utilizing Project ECHO, where the fellows and mentors review cases and participate in ongoing learning and mentoring opportunities.
  • The International Mentors travel to the fellow’s institution at least twice per year for hands-on surgical training and in-person teaching.
  • The fellow travels to the International Mentor’s institution for up to three months of training and education.
  • Fellows complete a final exam that include a written exam, oral exam and surgical/clinical skills assessment.
  • Fellows receive a certificate following completion of the two-year training program and successfully completing the exam.

Five pilot sites launched the program in 2017:

Da Nang Oncology Hospital, Vietnam
Mentors: Tri Dinh (Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, USA) & Joe Ng (National University Cancer Institute, Singapore)

Hospital Central de Maputo, Mozambique
Mentors: Georgia Fontes Cintra (Barretos Cancer Hospital, Brazil), Renato Moretti (Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, Brazil), Kathleen Schmleler (MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA)

The University of the West Indies (Jamaica, Bahamas, Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago)
Mentors: Matthew Schlumbrecht & Brian Slomovitz (University of Miami, USA)

St. Paul’s Hospital & Black Lion Hospital, Ethiopia
Mentors: Rahel Ghebre (University of Minnesota, USA) & Carolyn Johnston (University of Michigan, USA)

Moi University, Kenya
Mentors: Barry Rosen (Beaumont Oakland University USA) & Al Covens (University of Toronto, Canada)

The International Mentors have been traveling regularly to the global sites to launch the programs and provide training and education. Tumor boards utilizing Project ECHO have started in Vietnam and Mozambique with cases presented by the Global Fellows and feedback, guidance and mentoring provided by the Local and International Mentors as well as IGCS member volunteers. Project ECHO tumor boards will begin in the West Indies, Kenya, and Ethiopia this fall. We are planning to expand the program to additional sites in 2018 including Fiji (mentored by New Zealand), Guatemala (mentored by Colombia) and Liberia (mentored by USA).

The IGCS is fortunate to have a large membership that strives to continually improve the gynecologic cancer prevention and treatment globally. 


Michael Quinn, AM, MGO
IGCS President

Kathleen Schmeler, MD
IGCS Education Committee Chair