A Global Approach to a Global Problem

The IGCS Gynecologic Oncology Global Curriculum & Mentorship Program, is a comprehensive two-year education and training program designed for regions around the world that do not currently have formal training in gynecologic oncology. The program matches institutions and individuals from higher resource settings with partners in lower resource settings wishing to obtain formal gynecologic oncology training (twinning).

Program Objectives:
  • Develop and maintain a comprehensive two-year web based curriculum for local gynecologic oncology training and education that can be adapted by each region/program to reflect local needs and facilities.
  • Select trainees from lower resource settings (gynecologic oncology fellows) who will be paired with local supervisor(s) from their home program as well as gynecologic oncologist(s) from a mentoring institution (international mentor(s)).
  • Establish minimum requirements for the gynecologic oncology fellows to complete the program and receive a certificate following an examination and completion of the two-year training program.
  • Hold monthly teleconferences where the fellows, local supervisors and international mentors review cases and participate in ongoing learning and mentoring opportunities.
  • Establish a program for the international mentor(s) to travel to the fellow institution at regular intervals for hands-on surgical training and in-person teaching.
  • Facilitate and support the fellows’ travel to the mentoring institution for up to three months for training and education.
Pilot Sites

Pilot Site:
Da Nang Oncology Hospital, Vietnam

Mentoring Institutions:
Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, Florida, USA
National University Cancer Institute, Singapore

Learn more about the Vietnam Program.

Pilot Site:
Hospital Central de Maputo, Mozambique

Mentoring Institutions:
Barretos Cancer Hospital, Barretos, Brazil
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Texas, USA

Learn more about the Mozambique Program.

Pilot Site:
Paul’s Hospital and Black Lion Hospital, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Mentoring Institutions:
University of Minnesota and University of Michigan, USA
Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany

Pilot Site:
Moi University, Moi, Kenya

Mentoring Institution:
University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Contact IGCS

If you have any questions about the Global Curriculum or wish to learn more about how to participate as a fellow or a mentor, please email the IGCS Education Program Manager, Allie Rubeo at allie.rubeo@igcs.org.