Dear IGCS Members,

For the International Gynecologic Cancer Society (IGCS), these past several years have been a time for transformation and growth. Membership is at an all-time high (8,000+ members from 130 countries) and we are continually seizing new opportunities to expand our programs, enhance member benefits, and engage our members.

As a rapidly growing international society with great ambitions and endless potential, it’s incredibly important that we establish strategic goals and set priorities to guide our decisions and ensure the sustainability of our great organization.

The IGCS Board of Directors met one year ago and developed three strategic pillars with the intention to finalize specific goals related to each pillar within a year’s time. The Board has since provided feedback, approved the framework—and most recently this May—reviewed, discussed, and approved specific goals tied to the pillars, examining how our current and forthcoming programs and activities relate to each goal.

We are so pleased to share the enhanced pillars with their ambitious goals.

IGCS Strategic Pillars

Enhance Member and Guest Experience

Recognizing the vital role you, our members, play in the society, we are dedicated to enhancing your experience and fostering a member-driven organizational culture. This means facilitating meaningful engagement, creating enriching opportunities, and ensuring that your involvement is as rewarding as it is impactful. 

Advance Equitable Patient-Centered Care

With a commitment to patient-centeredness and equity, IGCS aims to develop programs, foster partnerships, and provide education and training to work towards a future where every patient, regardless of their background, receives the highest quality of personalized and compassionate care.  

Increase IGCS’ Impact Worldwide

Our ambition is to fulfill our great potential to expand the reach and influence of the IGCS for the benefit of those affected by gynecologic cancers worldwide. We envision the IGCS making a more profound impact on the international stage, through meaningful collaborations that accelerate progress and galvanize the community to action.

As you can see, an important part of our strategic plan centers on the experience and utilization of IGCS members and others in the gynecologic oncology space. It’s increasingly important for the IGCS to cultivate an inclusive and diverse organizational culture that engages and empowers our members to drive the mission forward. More to come as we continue to be transparent and seek your involvement in your Society.

Thank you for being a valued member of the IGCS. If you have any questions or comments about the strategic pillars and goals, please email us at and


Keiichi Fujiwara, MD, PhD 
IGCS President 

Mary Eiken, MS