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Fiji is a conglomerate of islands, which is part of Melanesia in the Pacific, with a population of 905,000. Melanesia has one of highest incidence of cervical cancer at 33.3/100,000 females and a mortality of 20.7/100000 females. In Fiji only 20% of women presents at an early stage despite having a cervical screening program.

Only 17% of women are screened so it is time to reassess and adopt a different method besides cytology. Also, it is not uncommon that women with positive results are lost to follow up for treatment so a point of care approach should be recommended. However, the HPV vaccination uptake rates of > 90% will yield results in the future.

Fiji has 20 obstetrics and gynecology specialists but no gynaecological oncologists. It has been a great achievement that The Fiji School of Medicine now produces their own specialist workforce in all disciplines, this has led to greater retention of skilled specialists. Patients are offered diagnosis, surgical treatment and chemotherapy but all radiation treatment is done overseas.

International Mentors

Dr. Ai Ling Tan (New Zealand) 
"It is a privilege to be part of this program -I believe that upskilling a local expert that can manage the whole patient journey and advocate for patients is the only sustainable solution. When Dr. Sikiti completes her training, she will then be the catalyst that will be able to reach policy makers and managers, have a local network within Fiji and the Pacific to improve care for women with gynaecological cancers. IGCS support is invaluable."

Dr. Peter Sykes (New Zealand) 

Training Sites

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Graduates from Fiji

Dr. Nanise Sikiti

Location: Fiji

Year: 2022

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