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The English-speaking Caribbean has a population of approximately 6.8 million with significant cancer burden. Cervical cancer incidence is 22.1 per 100,000 in the UWI campus countries combined (Jamaica, Trinidad/Tobago, Barbados and Bahamas.).

Improving survival from gynecological cancers requires a multidisciplinary team approach. Acknowledging that the region had a wealth of talented individuals who had trained at home and overseas, the UWI campuses initiated a collaborative approach to fighting gynecological malignancies across the region.

In 2015 the Caribbean Gynecological Cancer Society (CGCS) held its first meeting in Barbados. At that meeting the importance of training gynecologic oncologists from the region within a structured fellowship program was recognized. The Irish Society of Gynecological Oncology (ISGO) partnered with the UWI to provide mentorship and training for the fellows utilizing the IGCS Global Curriculum and Mentorship Program structure and support.

There is also a gynecologic oncology training program at the UWI campus in the Bahamas.

Local Supervisors

Dr. Ian Bambury

Dr. Carole Rattray

Dr. Matthew Taylor


Dr. Damaris Baptise "I am very fortunate to have been given this groundbreaking opportunity to partner with IGCS and University of the West Indies as the very first fellows to start this training program. The experience has been insightful and enriching. The monthly tumor boards and didactic sessions have helped to hone my presentation and research skills. It is very rewarding to have access to colleagues around the world who offer their expertise in both surgical and medical management for patients who have low income and cannot afford management at times. The online resources are second to none. This opportunity will greatly impact the lives of patients from my island ( St. Vincent & Grenadines) as I will be the first Gynecology Oncologist there. This not only affords me the opportunity to educate and implement effective screening programmes to prevent cancer, but also offer surgical and adjuvant curative/palliative treatment options, thus improving quality of lives."

Dr. Christopher Daley

Dr. Adrian Mitchell

Dr. Paul Mitchell

International Mentor

Dr. Ian Harley (Northern Ireland) "Support from the IGCS is essential for delivering the educational infrastructure required for training Gynaecological Oncologists in the English-speaking Caribbean."

Training Sites

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Graduates from Jamaica

Dr. Omar Wellington

Location: Jamaica

Year: 2023

Dr. Natalie Medley

Location: Jamaica

Year: 2023

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