Gynecologic Oncology Global Curriculum & Mentorship Program

IGCS gratefully acknowledges our dedicated team of international and local mentors who volunteer their time and resources to this program. By training and mentoring the next (and sometimes first) generation of gynecologic oncology specialists in these low-resource settings, they are directly fulfilling IGCS’s mission to enhance the care of women with gynecologic cancer worldwide.

St. Paul’s Hospital Millennium Medical College & Black Lion Hospital, Addis Ababa
Local Supervisors:
Dr. Bethel Dereje
Dr. Dawit Desalegn
International Mentors:
Dr. Rahel Ghebre (USA)
Dr. Carolyn Johnston (USA)

Moi University
Local Supervisors:
Dr. Benjamin Elly
Dr. Peter Itsura
Dr. Omenge Orango
International Mentors:
Dr. Allan Covens (Canada)
Dr. Barry Rosen (USA)

Hospital Central de Maputo, Mozambique
Local Supervisors:
Dr. Elvira Luis
Dr. Magda Riberio
International Mentors:
Dr. Kathleen Schmeler (USA)
Dr. Renato Moretti Marques (Brazil)
Dr. Georgia Fontes Cintra (Brazil)
Dr. Mila Salcedo (Brazil)
Dr. Andre Lopes (Brazil)
Dr. Marcelo Viera (Brazil)

University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital & Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, College of Medicine
Local Supervisors:
Dr. Chibuike Chigbu
International Mentor:
Dr. Kerryn Lutchman-Singh (UK)

Uganda Cancer Institute
Local Supervisors:
Dr. Peter Gimei
Dr. Pius Mulamira
Dr. Mariam Nabwire
Dr. Miriam Nakalembe
Dr. Jane Namugga
Dr. Martin Origa
International Mentors:
Dr. Paula Lee (USA)
Dr. Stefanie Ueda (USA)

Women and Newborn Hospital, Zambia
Local Supervisors:
Dr. Paul Kamfwa
Dr. Mulindi Mwanahamuntu
International Mentors:
Dr. Krista Pfaendler (USA)
Dr. Michael Hicks (USA)
Dr. Groesbeck Parham (USA)

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