Moi University and Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital are the home base for this fellowship training and are located in western Kenya which has a population over 20 million.

The majority of people in western Kenya live in rural settings. This area is very poor, has a high incidence of HIV (13%), TB and Malaria. Kiswahili is the most common language used in Kenya, yet medicine is mostly conducted in English.

This fellowship program is the first fellowship in any medical field approved by Moi University. There are seven gynecologic oncologists in Kenya and five were trained in this program. To date, six gynecologists have successfully completed the fellowship; three remained in Eldoret, one is in Kisumu, one is in Garissa and one relocated to Kampala, Uganda where she started a new fellowship training program.

This fellowship is recognized by the Kenyan Medical and Dental Society which licenses physicians in Kenya. The Gynecologic Oncology program is part of a larger program called AMPATH which is led by Indiana University.  The program initially started with cervix cancer screening and to date over 75,000 women been screened. This gynecologic oncology program is academic with tripartite focus on clinical care, teaching and research. Over the past 8 years this group has secured over 6 million USD for research, primarily on cervix cancer and has over 15 publications.

Local Supervisors

Dr. Peter Itsura
Dr. Philip Tonui


Dr. Amina Rashid Hassan

Dr. Wilmot Lorenzo Smith

Dr. Philippe Amubuomombe Poli

Graduated Fellows

Dr. Benjamin Elly Odongo graduated the Mentorship & Training Program in 2019. 

"The IGCS Fellowship, especially the time spent to prepare for the ECHO tumor boards made me realize that no matter how busy I thought I was, I had to find time for reading, or surrender myself to self-chosen ignorance.

Having local mentors made me understand that there are abilities within us which have not yet been developed and can be developed further particularly the skills to manage patients with gynecological malignancies locally, the resource limitations notwithstanding.

The international mentors and the time spent at The University of Toronto led me to the discovery of the fundamental fact that we are continually learning new things and that the problems which perplex us in our part of the world can be solved through leadership, research and commitment. I am therefore proceeding to advocate for implementation of cancer prevention strategies, support efforts towards improving the capacity to make accurate cancer diagnosis, provision of treatment including palliative and end of life care."

Dr. Henry Chege graduated the Mentorship & Training program in 2021.

“I thank all of you for the support you accorded me during the IGCS fellowship training. To the international mentors Prof. Barry and Prof. Al Covens, thank you for taking time to travel all the way to Kenya to supervise the training. I will always be indebted to these great mentors.”

Dr. Anisa Mburu-Mbarak graduated the Mentorship & Training program in 2022.

“It takes a village….” That is exactly what the IGCS family has been for me, a cornucopia of knowledge, skills and support from an eclectic group that has completely and utterly been selfless in the dissipation of their services to the study of women’s cancers. It has been an avenue where one’s potential is allowed to grow and flourish without inhibition. I am indebted to my local mentors at Moi University who guided my every step to be the best gynecologic oncologist that I could be and my international mentors who were always available to teach, challenge, discuss cases and even offer insight on life in general and spared no expenses in making sure I had all the tools to think like an oncologist and give the best well-rounded care to all the women who cross my path. Thank you to the IGCS team for making this program a possibility and sustaining it against all odds. I salute you."

Dr. Faiza Nassir graduated the Mentorship & Training program in 2022.

“I want to sincerely thank the International mentors, Prof Coven and Prof Barry, for their tireless commitment and guidance throughout the fellowship. Our local mentors Prof Omenge, Dr. Itsura, Dr. Tonui and Dr. Elly for their exemplary mentorship.”

Dr. Afrin Fatima graduated the Mentorship & Training Program in 2023

"IGCS fellowship is a great opportunity of learning from some of the best in the field across the globe. Prof. Barry Rosen and Prof. Allan Coven have been a great hub of knowledge, the discussions during the weekly rounds and monthly ECHO have greatly shaped my thought process and approach to patients. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to the IGCS team and to my local and international mentors for their unwavering support and guidance throughout the fellowship."

Dr. Anthony Gitari graduated the Mentorship & Training Program in 2023

"Grateful to have joined and successfully completed the IGCS global curriculum in Gynecologic Oncology Fellowship Programme. Over the course of my two-year fellowship, I gained invaluable knowledge, skills and experience from my mentors and will forever be indebted to them for empowering me to make a difference in women's lives. I also commend the entire IGCS team for their commitment to training and for facilitating our fellowship and making our journey smooth."

Dr. Wilfred Inzama graduated the Mentorship & Training Program in 2023

''Thank you, our local and international mentors; you have taught, empowered us with knowledge and skills for a lifetime to handle gynaecologic oncology cases.''

International Mentors

Dr. Al Covens

Dr. Barry Rosen

Training Sites

Learn more about each training site and see who’s involved.

Graduates from Kenya

Dr. Anthony Gitari

Location: Kenya

Year: 2023

Dr. Inzama Wilfred

Location: Kenya

Year: 2023

Dr. Afrin Shaffi

Location: Kenya

Year: 2023

Dr. Faiza Ahmed Nassir

Location: Kenya

Year: 2022

Dr. Anisa Mburu

Location: Kenya

Year: 2022

Dr. Henry Chege

Location: Kenya

Year: 2021

Dr. Benjamin Elly Odongo

Location: Kenya

Year: 2019

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