The second annual Uterine Cancer Awareness Month (UCAM) is well underway and gaining momentum from supporters across the globe. The International Gynecologic Cancer Society started this campaign last year calling on people and organizations all over the world to act and help raise awareness. The support and enthusiasm have been overwhelmingly positive with so many people telling us that they have been waiting years for this movement!

The time for waiting is over. Over the past 30 years, uterine cancer cases have increased more than 15% globally, including in North America (45%), Western Europe (49%), Sub-Saharan Africa (46%), Latin America (56%) the Middle East (75%) and South Asia (36%).

This year, we intensify the global call to action, drawing attention to the stark disparities in uterine cancer worldwide. In this newly released consensus statement, supported by dozens of patient advocacy groups from all regions of the world, together we communicate the need for advocacy and action.

Uterine cancer affects women of all backgrounds, but disparities persist in detecting and treating the disease based on race, ethnicity, income, region, and access to care. We are calling on organizations, individuals, and governments to help find solutions to:

  • Raise public awareness
  • Overcome barriers to diagnosis
  • Improve access to treatment
  • Support survivors
  • And Increase diversity in clinical research

The statement has been translated to several languages which can be accessed below. 
Special thanks to our advocacy partners for translation of the statement: EVA Group (Portuguese), ACTO Italia (Italian) and Dr. Abhishek Shankar, Advocacy Committee Vice Chair (Hindi).

The IGCS and International Gynecologic Cancer Advocacy Network (IGCAN) is made up of individuals and organizations committed to improving the lives of those affected by gynecologic cancers. When we raise our voices in solidarity, the message goes much further and can affect real change.

Please continue to share information about the signs, symptoms, risks of uterine cancer with your friends, contacts, and followers and now, please forward this statement on and help us to distribute it far and wide. We love seeing the creative posts on social media and all are welcome to use the assets and information in our social media toolkit as well. Please tag the IGCS in your social posts and feel free to invite us to collaborate on your Instagram posts so we can share your content too!

Click to watch a message from IGCS CEO, Mary Eiken about Uterine Cancer Awareness Month and the Global Call to Action.

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