IGCS 2021 Industry Supported Sessions

IGCS 2021 Industry Supported Symposia


How Cemiplimab is EMPOWERING change in the management of recurrent cervix cancer

Funded with a grant from Regeneron.


Mirvetuximab Soravtansine, an Antibody-Drug Conjugate Targeting the Folate Receptor for Women with Ovarian Cancer


New Perspectives in Ovarian Cancer: Current Paradigm and Long-term Benefits of PARPi Therapy


Solutions to Address Missed Opportunities for Genetic Testing Globally


The Evolution of NGS for Gynecologic Malignancies: Delivering for Future for More Precise Treatment


The evolving treatment of landscape of gynecological tumors

Patient Advocate Travel Fund GOG

Mary “Dicey” Scroggins is a 24-year ovarian cancer survivor and health activist who has made a significant impact to transforming the standard of care in gynecologic oncology by being the voice to patients.

For many years Dicey attended The GOG Board of Directors as an ex officio member representing the patient voice and guiding the GOG to better serve their patients. Most recently she served in a similar capacity of advocacy for URM for IGCS. The GOG will be forever grateful for the incredible impact Dicey for her service, engagement and cancer survivor perspective as the Chair of the Legacy GOG Patient Advocacy Committee.

To honor and continue Dicey’s legacy, the GOG is thrilled to announce the Mary “Dicey” Scroggins Travel Fund that will offer travel reimbursement for up to two patient advocates to attend the NRG Oncology 2022 Semiannual February Meeting and the GOG Foundation, Inc. meeting.

Application Deadline is November 15, 2021

Membership Renewal 2022

Thank you for being a valued member of the International Gynecologic Cancer Society. On behalf of the IGCS leadership, we want to thank you in advance for renewing your commitment to our mission by renewing your IGCS membership for 2022.
As a core principle, the concept of global health equity is embedded in the IGCS mission and is reflected in the breadth of our membership and the design and implementation of our programs. With over 3,000 members from low-, middle-, and high-income countries around the globe, IGCS has purposefully developed an inclusive membership framework that encourages interaction and growth across diverse social, political, and health care systems.
By renewing your membership, you are supporting and indicating that our programmatic mission to deliver education and training and spread public awareness of gynecologic cancers worldwide resonates with you. 
2022 IGCS Membership Benefits Include:
  • Year-round education planned by the IGCS Education Committee
  • Surgical Education
  • Pathology Corner
  • Radiation Oncology Education (new in 2022)
  • Breast Disease Education (new in 2022)
  • Palliative Care Certificate Program (Preinvasive Cervix Disease and Nursing coming soon)
  • Collaborative initiatives with industry that provide clinical applications of current data from clinical trials
  • Online subscription to the International Journal of Gynecological Cancer
  • Reduced rates to the 2022 IGCS Annual Global Meeting in New York
  • Professional development opportunities for young clinicians and researchers joining the Early Career Research & Publications Network
  • International Mentor positions and opportunities to contribute to IGCS’s educational programs
  • Voting rights and eligibility for volunteer leadership positions (Council elections to be held in 2022)
  • Access to the online member community (Social Link) and directory, connecting you to IGCS members around the world
  • Discounted subscription to Wolters Kluwer UpToDate® (coming in 2022)
  • Access to AAGL’s SurgeryU with over 1200 surgical videos to educate gynecologic surgeons of all levels on minimally invasive surgical techniques.
  • Advocacy network and programming for survivor-patients and caregivers.
Helpful Information:
  • If you do not remember your password, you can click the "lost password" link on the sign-in page or email us for help.
  • The preferred method of payment is online by credit card. However, if you need to pay your dues in a different payment form or require additional documentation, please email rosie.stephans@igcs.org.
  • Renew your membership for 1, 2, or 3 years and receive a discount when you chose to renew for multiple years.
  • Please make sure to review your contact information before you submit your payment.

IGCS values your participation and commitment to the society, and we thank you for your continued membership. If you have any questions or comments regarding your IGCS membership or the society, please do not hesitate to email us at mary.eiken@igcs.org or robert.coleman@usoncology.com.


Mary Eiken, MS
Robert Coleman, MD
IGCS President

Strategic Alliance Highlight – Kazakhstan

IGCS has purposefully developed an inclusive membership framework that encourages interaction and growth across diverse social, political, and health care systems. A large part of our membership is comprised of Strategic Alliance Partners - regional and international groups who represent the diversity of clinicians and researchers dedicated to caring for women affected by gynecologic cancers. 
As part of the IGCS alliance, regional organizations have joined forces with other alliance groups and members across the globe, increasing our ability to share resources and find solutions to issues facing gynecologic cancer patients and professionals around the world.

IGCS is grateful for our strong Strategic Alliance Partnerships that bring us one step closer to our goal of achieving global heath equity. Each month we will highlight a partnership, beginning with the Association of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

This month's Strategic Alliance Partnership focus is on Kazakhstan (pop. 18 million), Kyrgyzstan (6 million), and Tajikistan (9 million). These countries are progressive in the care and treatment of gynecologic cancers but are not without their challenges. Their partnership with IGCS only strengthens their education and care for women with gynecologic cancer. IGCS is so proud of the alliance with Kazakhstan and is very excited to highlight this flourishing partnership and we are grateful for their willingness to include Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

IGCS spoke with Dilyara Kaidarova and Raikhan Bolatbekova, Kazakhstan leadership, a few questions to better explain their Strategic Alliance Partnership with IGCS.

What regions are included in your Strategic Alliance?
Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan

How long have you been a Strategic Alliance Partner?
For four years. In the Fall of 2017, IGCS CEO, Mary Eiken met with the Kazakhstan Cancer Society in Central Asia. Sophia Michaelson, Executive Director, American Eurasian Cancer Alliance, and the entire organization were instrumental in making this partnership flourish. There has been a successful partnership ever since. 

How many members are in your organization?
Kazakhstan has 47 members, Kyrgyzstan has 12 members and Tajikistan has 15 members, totaling 74 members.

What is the greatest impact of being an IGCS Strategic Alliance Partner?
The greatest impact of being a Strategic Alliance Partner with IGCS is the commitment IGCS shows day in and day out to advance the treatment of gynecologic cancer. Our partnership is making a difference in the lives of women afflicted with gynecologic cancer. The goal of our partnership is to improve access to quality cancer services globally through the international collaboration and the creation of a research platform in the women cancer care.

What is the most considerable benefit to your community’s members by being an IGCS Strategic Alliance Partner?
The resources IGCS provides our community is unmatched, the global network, educational opportunities, mentorship and training programs and the Annual Global Meeting are all reasons why our partnership continues to benefit our community. Since 2017 Kazakhstan has participated in over 40 tumor boards and didactics in the framework in Project ECHO. 

Dicey Celebrates 25th Survivorship Year

Dicey Scroggins -
25 Year Ovarian Cancer Survivorship Anniversary

In honor of Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month, we'd like to take this opportunity to highlight some of our advocacy programs and celebrate Mary "Dicey" Scroggins, the IGCS Director of Global Outreach & Engagement who celebrated her 25th ovarian cancer survivorship anniversary on September 19th. 

On September 19, 2021, Dicey celebrated her 25th year surviving ovarian cancer. Many of you are well aware that Dicey is an extraordinary woman, notorious for her activism and a fervent advocate for global health equity, particularly women affected by gynecologic cancers. Dicey is also a recent survivor of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) - she is currently in recovery from a bone marrow transplant. She would like everyone to know that she is doing well and can’t wait to get back to her advocacy work. She often tells us how much she enjoys her work and even now, she is actively involved in planning the 2021 Advocacy Summit taking place in the next several weeks.

Since early 2019, Dicey has been leading IGCS’ patient advocacy and community outreach efforts as the society’s first Director of Global Outreach and Engagement. In just three short years, she has completely transformed IGCS’s advocacy programs and relationships through educational programming, network and relationship building, recognition, and communication.

She is also a writer, producer, and founding partner in Pinkie Hugs, LLC - a mother-daughter writing and film production firm specializing in social justice-focused documentaries.

She is a co-founder of In My Sister’s Care (an organization focused on improving gynecologic cancer awareness and care for medically underserved women and on eliminating health disparities), and a co-chair of the Advocacy Special Interest Group for the African Organization for Research and Training in Cancer. The recipient of the 2016 AACR Distinguished Public Service Award, Dicey is a member of NCI’s “Community Engagement in Genomics” Working Group and the Director of Advocacy and International Engagement for the “Globe-athon to End Women’s Cancers.”

Her activism is driven by a commitment to global health equity which is shared by the leadership of the IGCS. As one of the authors on the working group charged to write the IGCS Global Health Equity Statement, Dicey’s vision and passion is evident in what is now the driving force behind everything that our society stands for.

IGCS President, Dr. Robert Coleman has said that Dicey is a fountain of ideas and we have been fortunate to have her take the lead in conceptualizing and developing IGCS’s advocacy programs. She sees the big picture while having intimate knowledge of survivor-patient needs.

Mary Eiken, IGCS CEO, has known Dicey for many years feels "knowing Dicey for me has been life changing. Every day I learn more and more from her, she is a true champion for patients and their caregivers and a trusted friend. Thank you Dicey for joining our team at IGCS and giving patients a voice.”
Congratulations on 25 years of survivorship. 

IGCS Advocacy Programs

Advocacy Survivor-Caregiver Summit

The Annual Survivor-Caregiver Summit is a 4-hour virtual event that covers everything that gynecologic cancer survivors, caregivers, and advocates need to know. Experts explain the basics of gynecologic cancers and patient rights to increase literacy and empower women with knowledge. Survivorship is discussed as part of the continuum of care with a focus on quality of life. Examples of the power of patient advocacy in action are shared and attendees are encouraged to chat and join the IGCS network for continued support.


Patient Perspectives Roundtable Series

First held in May 2020, each 60- to 90-minute virtual session covers a specific topic important to gynecologic cancer patient communities maneuvering through the health and cancer care system during and after COVID-19. The roundtables include key opinion leaders and patients-caregivers.

The most recent roundtable topic was a focus on Survivorship/Quality of Life and Patient Reported Outcomes and the next roundtable to be held later this year will focus on Global Health Equity: Conversation to Implementation. The roundtables are free to the public and recordings can be viewed here.

Distinguished Advocacy Award

In 2019, IGCS instituted a new award – the Distinguished Advocacy Award. This award recognizes advocates and/or advocacy organizations that provide active, dedicated service to patients/survivors, families, and caregivers—on a local, regional, or international level—and persistently engage in the fight against gynecologic and other cancers. View the recipients and their inspiring stories.

International Gynecologic Cancer Advocacy Network

IGCS has a vision to build a network; a noncompetitive global linkage of gynecologic cancer advocacy organizations and individual advocates—from every region and every income and resource setting—that partner and collaborate in achieving best outcomes for all gynecologic cancer patients.

While the network structure takes shape, we encourage those interested in joining such a network to join our Global Advocacy Network Facebook group. All are welcome: advocates, patient-survivors, family members, caregivers, and health care professionals. This is a place for advocates to gather and build a supportive community to share experiences.

The Every Woman Study

Toronto, Ontario, August 31, 2021 - One year following the announcement of their Strategic Advocacy Partnership, the World Ovarian Cancer Coalition (Coalition) and the International Gynecologic Cancer Society (IGCS) are announcing the launch of The Every Woman Study™️: Low- and Middle-Income Edition at today’s Presidential Plenary of the IGCS Virtual Annual Global Meeting.

With the potential for up to 30 countries to participate in this global study, the objective of this joint initiative is to document for the first time ever, on this scale, the experiences of women with ovarian cancer in Low- and Middle-Income countries (LMIC) from pre-diagnosis through post-treatment. Specifically, the Study is being undertaken because of the current lack of evidence and insight about women’s experiences in LMIC countries - with a view to helping to address global health inequities and because it underscores the belief of both organisations that every woman, no matter where they live, should have the highest quality of care and experience best possible outcomes.

Palliative Care Certificate Program

We are pleased to announce that the IGCS is launching a series of self-guided, educational certificate programs available to all IGCS Members. The learner can set their own pace to complete the course work, required reading, quizzes, and posttest in easy-to-follow modules.
The first certificate program, currently available for members to enroll is the IGCS Palliative Care Certificate Program. Certificate courses are also being developed covering Pre-Invasive Cervical Cancer and International Nursing which will be available soon.
The palliative care curriculum introduces the practicing health care provider to the knowledge and skills necessary to provide palliative interventions for patients suffering associated with women’s cancer.
Learning Objectives
After completing the training, the participant will be able to:
  • Describe the scope of knowledge, attitudes, and skills that comprise the core palliative care competencies needed throughout the trajectory of comprehensive cancer care.
  • Incorporate the described treatment recommendations and approaches into clinical practice.
Target Audience
Physicians including gynecologic oncologist, medical oncologist, and radiation oncologist; nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, social workers, and therapists caring for persons with cancer and their families.

If you would like to enroll in the IGCS Palliative Care Certificate program, please sign in with your IGCS Member username and password. You can start learning now! If you need assistance or have questions or feedback about IGCS"s educational offerings please email education@igcs.org.

To optimize your experience, please clear your browsing history and cookies prior to beginning the course. The recommended web browser is Google Chrome.

We’d like to thank our team of volunteers and Mandy Hansen the IGCS staff lead for their efforts in preparing and reviewing the materials and coursework for the IGCS Palliative Care Certificate Program.

Lee-may Chen, MD 
Raimundo Correa, MD 
Linda R. Duska, MD MPH
Annekathryn Goodman, MD, MS, MA, MPH
Carolyn Lefkowits, MD 
Kristina Lindemann, MD, PhD
Amita Maheshwari, MD 
Michael Pearl, MD 
Shahana Pervin DGO, FCPS
Julia Zarina Ridley, MD, M.Ed, CCFP(PC), FRCPC
Mary (Dicey) Jackson Scroggins, MA
Michael Quinn, AM MGO
Rose Ihuoma Anorlu MD, MPH
Lynette Denny, MD, PhD
Lynn Hallarman, MD
Lois Ramondetta, MD
Medical Editor
Jenifer Levin
“These certificate courses demonstrate IGCS’s commitment to global health equity. We hope that our members take advantage of these curriculum to enhance their learning and understanding of topics that may have an immediate impact on the health and wellbeing of women in the communities they serve.
Designed for practitioners in high- middle- and low-resource settings, these online courses are an excellent way to deliver comprehensive education that our members can complete at their own pace, from any location.”
- Dr. Michael Pearl, IGCS Education Committee Member who has been a driving force behind IGCS’s palliative care education.

2021 Award Recipients

In 2016, IGCS expanded its awards program to recognize the good work being done to advance the field of gynecologic oncology worldwide. Award recipients are recognized at the IGCS Annual Global Meeting.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Recognizes individual(s) who have performed an outstanding service and accomplishment spanning their career in gynecologic oncology. The goal is to recognize a life of excellence and service to gynecologic oncology. Formerly referred to as the Award for Excellence in Gynecologic Oncology.

Beth Y. Karlan, MD
Read more

Michael Quinn, AM, MGO
Read more

Award for Outstanding Achievement in Gynecologic Oncology Surgery

Recognizes gynecologic oncologists who have had a sustained career in academic surgery and have made seminal contributions in clinical surgery or surgical education that established new benchmarks or paradigms.

Pierluigi Benedetti Panici, MD 
Read more

Global Humanitarian Award

Recognizes outstanding individuals, organizations or programs who work to improve access to quality gynecologic oncology training and services in low- and middle-income countries or in areas of need within more developed nations.

Tri Dinh, MD
Read more

Distinguished Advocacy Award

Recognizes advocates and/or advocacy organizations that provide active, dedicated service to patients/survivors, families, and caregivers—on a local, regional, or international level—and persistently engage in the fight against gynecologic and other cancers.

Elisabeth Baugh and
Ovarian Cancer Canada  
Read more

Murat Gultekin, MD       
Read more

Abhishek Shankar, MD
Read more

Excellence in Teaching Award

Recognizes individuals deeply committed to the profession whose work and accomplishments set a standard of excellence. This award recognizes the importance of teaching as an integral part of women's cancer care and the lasting impact of educators to shape and inspire future generations of clinicians and researchers.

Nadeem Abu-Rustum, MD
Read more

Hextan YS Ngan, MD
Hong Kong
Read more

Andreas Obermair, MD, CGO
Read more

Award for Community Advancement in Resource-Limited Settings

Acknowledges those improving their own communities with dedication to providing or facilitating advanced medical education and training in resource-limited settings to improve screening, prevention, and treatment of women affected by gynecologic cancer.

Asima Mukhopadhyay, MBBS, DGO, MD, MRCOG, CCT (Gyn Oncology), PhD, MSc
Read more

René Pareja, MD
Read more

Dr. Chege Completes IGCS Curriculum

Congratulations to Dr. Henry Chege from Moi University in Kenya for completing the IGCS Gynecologic Oncology Global Curriculum & Mentorship Program!

Dr. Henry Chege
Moi University, Kenya

“I thank all of you for the support you accorded me during the IGCS fellowship training. To the international mentors Prof. Barry and Prof. Al Covens, thank you for taking time to travel all the way to Kenya to supervise the training. I will always be indebted to these great mentors.”

This fellowship program is the first fellowship in any medical field approved by Moi University. The IGCS Global Curriculum was established in 2017 under the leadership of then-President, Michael Quinn. It is a comprehensive two-year education and training program designed for regions around the world that do not currently have formal training in gynecologic oncology. Click here to learn more about the program.

Congratulations to Dr. Chege on achieving this important milestone. Many thanks to the local and international mentors for their support and guidance.

Local Mentors

Dr. Benjamin Elly
Moi University

Dr. Peter Itsura
Moi University

Dr. Omenge Orango
Moi University

International Mentors

Dr. Barry Rosen
Beaumont Gynecologic Oncology

Dr. Al Covens
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
The University of Toronto

Dr. Barry Rosen, International Mentor congratulates Dr. Chege: "You made a very impressive, total commitment Henry, giving up your clinic practice, giving up money you would have made to do this training. And you had delays (out of your control) along the way which must have been very frustrating. It is a very big accomplishment. You are now internationally recognized for your expertise. Kenyan women will benefit so much from your expertise and your future training of other doctors. I wish I could be in Kenya to congratulate you in person.”

Volunteer to Support IGCS Mentorship & Training Programs

We are always looking for volunteer leaders of all disciplines to support our mentorship and training programs. If you are interested in becoming a mentor or contributing to our virtual tumor boards, please contact Susan Ralph at susan.ralph@igcs.org.