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IGCS 2023 Annual Global Meeting

The 2023 Annual Global Meeting of the International Gynecologic Cancer Society will be held in Seoul, Korea from November 5 – 7, 2023. Abstract submission is now open! The deadline to submit is May 8.

Meghan Anderson

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Strategic Alliance Partnership

As I reflect on my first year as CEO of IGCS, one of the most rewarding aspects of the position has been the opportunity to meet and hear from members all over the globe. I am motivated and inspired everyday by the growing commitment the membership of IGCS demonstrates toward caring for women with gynecologic cancers. It inspires me and my team members every day to work even harder on your behalf. Strategic Alliance Partner Members of IGCS will include organizations and regions from all over the globe whose objectives are consistent and aligned with our own. This program will bring together the leaders and memberships of gynecologic oncology organizations, allowing for closer dialogue, better idea and information sharing, and collaboration with the common goal of finding solutions to the many issues that face us globally.

President's Perspective May 2017

Dear Colleagues, Two months ago, I was privileged to speak at the 2017 meeting of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists’ (RCOG) in Cape Town about our global curriculum and training programme. At the same meeting, our former President, Lynnette Denny gave a wonderful plenary lecture highlighting the huge health care inequalities between the first and third worlds and emphasised that a diagnosis of cervical cancer, the leading cause of death of women from cancer in emerging countries, leads to loss of employment and income and a major deterioration of living standards. Since few countries have a nationalised health system, payment for cancer care further pushes women and their families into severe poverty with a significant increase in food insecurity, loss of housing and major absences of children from school. And we all know that education is really the best tool to lead children out of poverty. In many poor communities, the death of a mother is a major determinant of survival of her infants and children. One telling statistic from Bangladesh noted that cumulative survival from birth to 10 years was only 24% in families where the mother died before the child’s 10th birthday vs. 89% in those whose mothers did not die. How can we not be moved? Lyn described cancer care in developing countries as ‘abysmal’…

Indian National Gynecologic Cancer Day

March 11th is recognized in India as the National Day of Gynecologic Cancers as endorsed by the Federation of Obstetric & Gynaecological Societies of India, The Association of Gynecologic Oncologists of India, The Association of Radiation Oncologists of India, The Indian Society of Oncology and the Indian Association of Surgical Oncology. This date was chosen as it falls in the same week of International Women’s Day (March 8th). Due to the lack of public education and awareness regarding these cancers, variable pathology, and scarcity of proper screening facilities in developing countries such as India, most women report at advanced stages, adversely affecting the prognosis and clinical outcomes. A data summary of published Indian data regarding gynecologic cancers was recently compiled by the South Asian Journal of Cancer.   IGCS applauds the work these societies are doing to raise awareness for gynecologic cancers, encouraging education regarding prevention and screening practices for early detection of all gynecologic cancers!

President's Perspective March 2017

Dear Colleagues, One of the many outstanding benefits of being a member of our Society is access to our professional journal the International Journal of Gynecologic Cancer (IJGC) which is jointly published by IGCS and ESGO.  IJGC has allowed us to build a collective knowledge base and play a vital role in the archive of knowledge, and in forming a comprehensive, up-to-date, authoritative body of information. The journal has provided a unique repository for researchers and clinicians in the field of gynecologic oncology to submit and read information specific to our specialty.  Because of the work of the editorial team, our peer review process serves as one of the most important mechanisms for validating the information contained in our journal and is the widely-accepted indicator of quality scholarship and expected standards of academic rigour. The Editorial Board has provided an extraordinary commitment to ensuring that the quality of the published papers is world standard. On your behalf, I thank them for their incredible work. Recently our Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Uzi Beller made the decision to step down after more than ten years of service. Uzi’s ongoing aim has been to constantly improve the quality of the journal. He has demonstrated this by reducing the time to publication dramatically and by enhancing the quality of the finished product so that there is…

President's Perspective

Dear Colleagues, I am extremely honored to have been elected President of IGCS and look forward to working hard for the membership over the next two years. The Council is strategically engaged, continuing to evolve and grow the society and our outreach to ensure we make a difference in the education and training of providers of gynecologic oncology care in an international context. IGCS has been part of my life since I became a founding member in the mid-1980s. The formation of the society came about due to the obvious need in low and middle-income countries (LMICs) which were hungry for education and training. We have certainly made a big impact in these areas since then, thanks to a huge amount of work by my predecessors. However, there is still much that IGCS can do, not only for emerging countries, but also in the more developed countries. You have elected an amazing Council who already have taken on disparate tasks including addressing our membership needs, growing and diversifying our income stream, expanding our educational endeavors and rebuilding our website as a major resource for our members. Our core business is education. The new Education Committee under Dr. Kathleen Schmeler has already transformed our vision in this area to pragmatic outcomes, including the development of three major subcommittees with truly international…