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Welcome, PARSGO!

The Pan-Arabian Research Society of Gynecological Oncology (PARSGO) is the newest IGCS Strategic Alliance Partner. PARSGO includes sixty-one members with a professional interest in the prevention, treatment, and research of gynecological cancers from centers across the Arab world. This is the first Strategic Alliance Partnership that includes a multi-country membership in areas where IGCS has typically had a low penetration. PARSGO members are from centers within the following countries: Algeria, Bahrain, Mauritania, Morocco, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Oman, UAE, Palestine, Qatar, Yemen, Saudi, Egypt, Iraq, Djibouti, Somalia, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya and Comoro Islands. Members also include gynecologic oncology professionals of Arabic heritage who practice in other parts of the world but are committed to the PARSGO mission.

Welcome, Kazakhstan!

It has been such a pleasure over the last year to continue to meet and engage with IGCS members all over the globe. I recently had the honor of traveling to Central Asia to learn more about this beautiful region, the incidence of gynecologic oncology and the opportunity to get to know the wonderful people who live there and their strong affinity to IGCS. Under the leadership of Dilyara Kaidarova MD, PhD, Director of the Kazakh Institute of Oncology and Radiology, Almaty, Kazakhstan a meeting was held with representatives from Russia, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Tadzhikistan, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, and Center for Global Health, National Cancer Institute.

Welcome, China!

We are excited to announce that we are continuing to expand our membership through the Strategic Alliance Partner Program with the addition of China. I am so pleased to welcome our second Strategic Alliance Partner, the Chinese Gynecologic Cancer Society!

IGCS: Past, Present, Future

Dear Colleagues, This year in October marks thirty years since the first IGCS Biennial Meeting which was held in Amsterdam…

Welcome, Belarus!

I am so pleased to welcome our first Strategic Alliance Partner, the Belarus Gynecologic Oncology Division of the Belarusian Society of Oncology! Fifty-one gynecologic oncology, surgeons, specialists, researchers, medical oncologists, and radiation oncologists from cities across the eastern European country of Belarus are now Alliance Members of the IGCS.

Strategic Alliance Partnership

As I reflect on my first year as CEO of IGCS, one of the most rewarding aspects of the position has been the opportunity to meet and hear from members all over the globe. I am motivated and inspired everyday by the growing commitment the membership of IGCS demonstrates toward caring for women with gynecologic cancers. It inspires me and my team members every day to work even harder on your behalf. Strategic Alliance Partner Members of IGCS will include organizations and regions from all over the globe whose objectives are consistent and aligned with our own. This program will bring together the leaders and memberships of gynecologic oncology organizations, allowing for closer dialogue, better idea and information sharing, and collaboration with the common goal of finding solutions to the many issues that face us globally.