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Cervical Cancer Elimination Survey - Latin America

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Uterine Cancer Awareness

The International Gynecologic Cancer Society and its patient advocacy arm, the International Gynecologic Cancer Advocacy Network (IGCAN) with support from patient advocacy organizations around the world have decided that it’s time for a global effort to raise awareness of uterine cancer.

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Educational Webinars

Join us Thursday, April 27th for the Radiation Oncology ECHO. Session will include case presentation, distillation, panel discussion, and Q&A.

International Gynecologic Cancer Society

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2023 Board of Directors Candidates

Online voting for the 2023 Council Election will begin on May 30 and remain open for 30 days, through June 30, 2023. Read about the candidates here.

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Featured Featured Nov 5 @ 12:00 am - Nov 7 @ 11:59 pm

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IGCS-EMAS Position Statement on Managing Menopause

Read the European Menopause and Andropause Society (EMAS) and International Gynecologic Cancer Society (IGCS) position statement on managing menopause after gynecological cancer: focus on menopausal symptoms and osteoporosis, published in the International Journal of Gynecological Cancer.

IGCS & WOCC Join Forces

The World Ovarian Cancer Coalition (WOCC) is now our Strategic Advocacy Partner. This partnership maximizes the collective influence, membership, force, and reach of these two premiere organizations and establishes a framework through which they will provide tangible benefit to gynecologic cancer survivors-patients worldwide, with special emphasis on ovarian cancer.

IGCS Growth in Latin America: Chile, Peru & Mexico

The Chilean Society of Gynecologic Oncology and the Peruvian Society of Gynecological Oncology recently joined our Strategic Alliance Partner Program. And earlier this year, the Mexican College of Gynecologic Oncology invited us to their congress to promote IGCS membership.

Welcome, Russia!

As the International Gynecological Cancer Society continues successful outreach in Eurasia, this strategic partnership with the Russian Society of Oncologists in Cancer of Reproductive Systems will generate tremendous benefits in the areas of clinical practice, research and palliative care affecting millions of patients throughout Russia and neighboring counties.

Welcome Malaysia, Peru & the Caribbean!

IGCS welcomes three societies bringing a total of 127 new members to the Strategic Alliance Partnership Program:: the Caribbean Gynecologic Cancer Society (CGCS), the Malaysian Gynaecological Cancer Society (MGCS) and the Instituto Nacional de Enfermedades Neoplasicas-Peru (INEN).

Investing in Our Future Leaders

IGCS Programs for Early Career Members Dear Colleagues, The exponential growth and success the IGCS have experienced over the last three years from my perspective has been through our unique membership strategic partner model and initiating programs that meet the needs of our members. One of the greatest growth areas has been and will continue to be those early in their careers from both high and low resource settings. Our society’s greatest strength is our membership. IGCS is made up of over 2,750 gynecologic oncologists, medical oncologists, pathologists, radiation oncologists, surgical oncologists, allied health professionals, fellows and residents all dedicated to treating women’s cancer. The leadership of the IGCS feels strongly in investing resources into our early career members and guiding them through professional development of advanced skills in leadership, research, publication and clinical practice. I feel confident we are investing in the future leaders of our society and specialty through the following programs for our early career members. International Visiting Scholar and Mentorship Program The goal is to provide mentorship opportunities for early career members seeking to learn a very specific skill not available at their institution or region. Through this program many young doctors in low resource settings are afforded the opportunity to travel to foreign institutions to obtain advanced training in a number of skill sets. With…

SurgeryU Available to IGCS Members

We are pleased to announce a that over 1200 surgical resources are now available to IGCS members through our new partnership with the AAGL.

Evidence-Based Practice

Dear Colleagues and Friends of IGCS: Data from important studies assist physicians, patients, and government regulators to make informed decisions. In oncology, we have established clinical research as a routine part of our day to day patient care. Investigators in cancer clinical trials aim to provide results which educate both patients and clinicians, particularly utilizing randomized, usually blinded, clinical trial formats to compare different groups of otherwise-similar patients. Clinical advances in the area of therapeutics and gynecological malignancies recently published in The Lancet and Nature include the use of PARP INHIBITORS, both in BRCAgm and BRCAwt patients in the setting of recurrent ovarian cancer and, recently, in first line with the results of SOLO-1. Not since the introduction of cis-Platinum 30 years ago have we seen such exciting results in the management of women with ovarian malignancies. These trials have been well designed and conducted, have been published in highly regarded journals and need to be discussed when informing patients about their treatment options. Furthermore, they emphasize the importance of genetic testing in terms of prognosis and treatment options. Recently, two major surgical studies have been published in The New England Journal of Medicine. The first is a well thought out and rigorous surgical trial published at the end of October entitled “Minimally Invasive versus Abdominal Radical Hysterectomy for Cervical…

Dicey Scroggins to Lead IGCS Advocacy Efforts

I am pleased to announce an incredible addition to the IGCS team, Ms. Mary (Dicey) Jackson Scroggins who will lead IGCS’s patient advocacy and community outreach efforts as the Society’s first Director of Global Outreach and Engagement. Dicey is a 22-year ovarian cancer survivor and women’s health activist with extensive relationships throughout cancer advocacy and research communities.